Awesome Traditional Balinese Garden Design Home Design Photos


Traditional Balinese garden design ideas style not unlike the concept of home design and space are familiar with various kinds of styles, garden arrangement, too. Many different types of garden that looks also customize the style of the house so they can look more unified. For homes with traditional style such as the Balinese style, the Bali garden created should equally use the same design concept.

The main feature of the Balinese garden using traditional Balinese style in addition to using the main elements of a plant also uses two other elements: water and stone. This is because the element is also used as a support when residents held a ceremony or ritual that according to the beliefs and customs. So the park is in addition to beautify the look of the exterior also has other functions to support the spiritual activities.

Traditional Balinese Garden design Home Design Photos

The concept of the traditional Balinese garden is though part of the original Balinese art is old age. And as a tourist place visited by many people from different parts of the world; the beauty of traditional Balinese garden decor has been recognized internationally. Most of all forms of design and components used. Elements are often used and have their unique values such as the use of garden lighting; that looks like a building or house a small stage that uses wood. As for the roof using black palm fiber or grass thatch. Then the statue is left mossy and use of natural stones will create the impression of a very natural and unnatural.

Balinese Garden Designs

Balinese Garden Designs

Balinese Garden Designs

Balinese Garden Designs Balinese Garden Designs

Balinese style garden

For elements and the element of watering always use water plants placed in pots or planted directly in the barrel or pond formed by a romantic style or wavy like water waves beach. While the types of plants and flowers used are plants and flowers that have leaf width. An example is the banana tree Bali, pandan, hibiscus, banana fan and different kinds of plants helokonia. As for the lotus plant water garden use and other tropical plants that have interesting shapes of leaves and flowers.

Balinese style garden Balinese style garden Balinese style garden Balinese style garden

Balinese plants and flowers

And that should not be overlooked is, always use a traditional Balinese garden kambojayang tree white flowers or bamboo. In addition to shade and beautify the appearance of the garden; frangipani or plumeria also always used as an element to perform prayer rituals. The males use these flowers in a way placed in the ear. Additionally frangipani flowers are also used for elements and fixtures cosmetology dancers in ceremonial offerings. In addition to the use of the unique elements and ornaments as well as natural; traditional Balinese garden also has a very special character so as to create the impression of an exotic; beautiful but had the feel of a magical and mystical. So for some people, magical or mystical impression is to be removed.

Balinese Backyard Ideas

To be mystical impression that might make a spooky feeling can be removed; one of which is by combining it with another style, whether classic or modern style. With so traditional Balinese backyard ideas nuance could still appear predominantly mystical impression while removing it. The concept of making Balinese style tropical gardens usually have the same pattern and the geometric or box located in the front landscapes.

Because of the type and number of gardener plants are used quite a lot; it must be set in such a way so as not to give the impression of irregular, too full, dense and cluttered. System efficiency should really be applied; so that the impression of a solid can be avoided and able to create the impression of a more spacious and wide. If you wish to use or install the walkway, the measure used should also not be too large. What is important enough to run one or two people. In addition it will take place the trail will also make the concept of efficiency to be applied so difficult.

Traditional Balinese Garden bali garden ideas balinese backyard ideas balinese style gardens balinese garden ideas

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