Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

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It doesn’t need a huge budget to transform the postage stamp yard into a lovable and charming hideaway. All you and other homeowners need are small backyard landscaping ideas. These are wonderful ideas to give your backyard new features. Of course, it will become a great investment for years to come because it can increase your home’s value as well. This great space will not only become a perfect hideaway but also a perfect barbeque spot or outdoor party for you and the guests you invite. All the ideas are not only charming but also very functional making sure that your backyard will not lose its main function as a place for hangout.

Create Tree Stump Planter

Let’s start with idea number one about creating unique planter from old tree stump. Instead of cutting down the old slump, why don’t you use it for planting media? Plant small plants that have beautiful flower. Once they start flowering, they will rejoice and become the most beautiful planters. This small backyard landscaping ideas cost you almost zero because you do not have to buy anything. What a great way to start the backyard landscaping transformation, right?

Landscaping Ideas With Rocks

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Blocks on the Rock Gardens

Here comes the next idea known as block on the rock gardens. Like the name suggests, it is about creating concrete blocks on the stones. You can simply use cinder blocks in order to create a small bard or blocks for backyard space. Do not let the blocks unused. Instead, plant various plants in it and they will become beautiful once they start flowering.

small backyard ideas on a budget small backyard landscaping ideas do myself

Hanging Colander Planter

Are you bored of using the usual vases for your favorite plant? Consider the colander as unique vessels and hang it by the wall. There are various colors of colanders available that will make your backyard more colorful. It definitely is a unique idea for unique backyard feature.

small backyard ideas with pool

Murphy bar

Just like explained earlier, your backyard deserves to be great hideaway spot to enjoy your personal time while doing your favorite activities including reading and enjoying your favorite drink. To accommodate this need, you can add the gorgeous Murphy bard into your backyard space. It is a simple built that can easily fold down into functional table that is always ready to use. It comes with shelves for the storage or you can also use it to stack cute small plants.

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas no grass small backyard ideas with pool

Vertical Herb Garden

Making use of space in your narrow backyard should be done properly in order to make beautiful garden landscaping rock with natural garden design landscape. In this case, vertical herb garden makes an excellent choice. What you need are tin cans, wood trellis and also pot hangers. This herb garden is ready for harvest anytime you want.

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Add Some Depth

You do have small backyard but it can actually be more spacious than you have ever expected before. In this case, what you have to do is to add some depth into the space. It is an excellent designs neat trick to make your backyard looks much more large than it actually is. Simply hang several vintage mirrors on the wall to reflect the beautiful green scenery.

small backyard ideas no grass Small Backyard Landscaping Ideas without grass

Small Backyard Ideas With Pool

You can also use your small backyard landscaping ideas to built an awesome pool or fish pool. Fish Koi is one type of fish that can be kept in your fish pool.

small backyard ideas with pool small backyard ideas with pool small backyard ideas with pool small backyard ideas with pool

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