7 Most Popular Interior Design Styles

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Interior Design Styles

There are a lot of interior design styles that you can use to decorate your house. For you who are looking for the most popular one, here we give you the list of popular design that you can try to apply in your house.

Interior Design Styles List :

  1. Colonial style homes interior design

Colonial style homes interior design has been used since a long time ago. It comes from mixture of different design such as French, Georgian as well as Spanish colonial design, hence the name colonial design. It is suitable for formal office or interior design styles living room with beautiful architecture style.

Colonial style homes interior design Colonial style homes interior design

  1. Modern mid century design

This design is a mixture of modern style and mid century style combine together. Even though the mid century style are popular in the fifty and sixties era, but the light color scheme as well as simplicity of the design makes it suitable to be paired with modern style. The use of geometric lines will also make modern style become richer, not to mention it’s clean line as well as large window style is already been used in modern interior design styles.

Modern mid century design Modern mid century design

  1. Southwestern style interior design

For warmer living room, you might want to use this southwestern style interior design with casual feeling. The use of terracotta tile on the floor will give deep into the design. Ceiling beam with rustic appearance will give more texture to the design which becomes the signature that makes it popular.

Southwestern style interior design Southwestern style interior design

  1. Victorian style interior design characteristics

For you who want more elaborate design, then Victorian style interior design characteristics is the answer. It feature beautiful trims and molding which make the detail more beautiful that you might not even find in other interior design styles. Not only it feels luxurious but it also have romantic feeling which makes it suitable to be used in bedroom or bathroom.

Victorian style interior design characteristics Victorian style interior design characteristics

  1. Craftsman style interior design

Unique design can be achieve by using craftsman style interior design. It is simple and practical which makes it suitable for most houses. The design feels very warm thus make it more inviting if used in the living room. Craftsmanship detail used in the entire room with dark wooden element make the design feel rich.

Craftsman style interior design Craftsman style interior design

  1. Modern style interior design

For those who want to combine both traditional style with modern style interior design; then contemporary interior design styles is the answer. The use of natural material in the design with clean line makes this style simple but still practical. Bring some eclectic elements to make the design become richer and more beautiful.

Modern style interior design Modern style interior design

  1. Farmhouse style interior design

For those who consider aesthetic as the most important element in their home interior design styles; then farmhouse style interior design is the one for you. This design is create with focusing on comfort thus it is suitable for informal area around the house. Natural element such as wooden flooring and furniture with timeworn finish makes the style looks charming.

Farmhouse style interior design Farmhouse style interior design

There you have it 7 of the most popular interior design styles that you can use for your house. Each design style is unique and has its own charm so you really need to choose one that suitable with your preference.

Interior Design Styles Interior Design Styles

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