How to Overcome Odor in New Furniture

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Odor in new furniture usually occurs in newly furniture production. Whether it’s kitchen set, credenza, and the Wardrobe. The odor is caused by the chemical substances in the manufacture of furniture or the furniture. The odor is caused by, glue, paint, whether it is melamic and duco or other material such as multiplex.

By the time the furniture has been completed, keep the doors and furniture drawers left open to the air inside the furniture can be flushed out. In addition, chemicals that either the glue or paint to dry completely. There are many ways to get rid of the smell of the new furniture, although the smell of the new furniture will gradually disappear by itself.

Check out the following tips to deodorize your new furniture:

  1. Do not directly enter or food items into the closet. This habit is often done because they usually can not wait to put his stuff in the new place. Therefore you should avoid this.
  2. After that, you can put the coffee powder in a small container or small bowl made ​​of plastic. Put in some places, whether it’s in the drawer and furniture.
  3. Let the cabinets open, you should not close the door or drawer. After half a day, you can close the closet door.
  4. You can do this process about a week, but if you want to get a better effect you can do with more time.
  5. This method is quite effective, smelling on the aroma of coffee after the furniture is put in for days until it does not smell coffee again.

The steps above can be done many times, with a record using the new coffee powder.

Well, hopefully this article on how to overcome odor in new furniture can help you at home.

Odor in New FurnitureOdor in New FurnitureOdor in New Furniture

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