Modern Scandinavian Interior Design Items You Must Have


As you know the modern Scandinavian interior design has taken US by storm, a lot of people are hunting for Scandinavian items to be put inside their house. For you who have just got into this Scandinavian style interior decorating, you might not know what items you must have in accessorizing your house using this theme.

Top Modern Scandinavian Interior Design Items to Accessorize Your Home


Globe light made from copper

You might already see this globe light everywhere. That’s right, this accessory is very famous and it seems that everyone uses this item not only in the living room but also in their kitchen or dining room area since they are pretty common used in Scandinavia.

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Wooden chair in folding style

Wooden chair with leather cushion is also very common item to have when you decorate with modern Scandinavian interior design style. It also gives rustic feeling to the decoration even though it is not actually worn out item. You can also try to accessorize it with throw blanket made from sheep skin to make more statement.

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To make your design fresh and easier in the eye, you can try to add some green to it. Of course since we talk about Scandinavian style, you cannot just use any plant. The type of plant that suitable for this style is cactus. Moreover you can get different style of cactus with different shape and size which make it easier for you to match it with the condition of your room. If you have more space you can use bigger cactus but if you have limited space; small size cactus is enough.

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Large paper lantern

If you want something simple rather than using lighting made from copper; then you can try to use large paper lantern instead. This type of lighting will give more whimsical feeling to the Scandinavian interior design while still simple enough in any room. You can place several large paper lanterns in asymmetrical height to give more ethereal feeling.

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Scandinavian style interior design concept

Monochrome colored art

Of course every design needs to have some art in it and this includes your Scandinavian style interior design concept. But for the artworks that you want to use

in this Scandinavian theme, you should really be careful since not artwork will suit it. Suitable artwork that you can use is the one with monochrome color in graphic style so it will blend well with the rest of the items which tends to go towards while and black color.

Modern Scandinavian Interior Design

Wooden slatted wall

For even more authentic feeling, you might want to add some wooden slatted wall to your modern Scandinavian interior design bedroom or any other room you have in the house. This wall will serve as the focal point of the room which will also give spa like feeling to the whole design.

Most of the time Scandinavian interior are created in monochrome color thus creating balance appearance is the key. And that completes our modern Scandinavian interior design tips and items that you can have in your house.

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