Learn More about What Is Interior Design

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A lot of people might be asking, what is interior design really about. Interior design itself is actually both science and art which combine together to enhance the appearance of interior; and sometimes even the exterior part of any building to be esthetically satisfying, safer, healthier and enhance the life quality of people that uses the building.

There is also interior designer which is a person who works to achieve the goal of the project and manage all the process involved in it. To achieve the goal, there would be a lot of systematic methodology used in the process; which includes analysis, research, programming, concept development, planning, as well as implementation of known knowledge in the creation process.

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Learn more about What Is Interior Design

Interior designer qualifications and scope of work is very wide; that is why the resource and needs of the client are considered in detail in order for a designer to be able to achieve the goal of each project. In this the answer to question; what is interior design also includes the entire process which done to reshape the interior space by manipulating and treating to make more functional for human lifestyle.

Even though it seems easy to create a space that could fulfill the needs of the occupant as well as satisfying emotionally; however the reality is, it actually needs a lot of knowledge and skills to be able to achieve it.

Then what is interior design definition? The interior design itself actually has gone through dramatic change; since the twentieth century where it starts slowly to be seen as a profession. And now you can see the interior designer start to work with other profession in this field; which includes architects, contractors, furniture dealers, craftsmen, and engineers in order to achieve the goals sets by home or business owners.

This is why to become an interior designer, one would need a lot of knowledge in many fields which includes a lot of discipline in architecture, decorative arts, textile, graphic design, lighting design, and furniture.

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What is interior design and what does an interior designer do?

There are many kinds of interior designs that interior designers do. The first is residential design which done to a living space own by personal owner. The primary work in this design is to design rooms in existing or new house. The second is commercial design; which done to a commercial place owned by business owner or government as well as corporation.

Usually each commercial building has different goals to be achieve; for example restaurant and hotel both need to be appealing to customer but also functional at the same time; while healthcare facilities such as hospital need to be clean; safe and of course functional in different kind of way to the first commercial building.

To understand more about what is interior design course that need to be taken by each designer; one would need proper education in this field; furthermore a degree in this field will give designer appealing advantage to the client.

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