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Cocoa Kitchen

Cocoa kitchen is the central of the cocoa restaurant where every dish, sweet or savoy; has enchanting accent of cocoa. It is one concept store that revolves around a simple single ingredient with a delicious menu to point the world that cocoa could be a starter; a main course matter and not just the dessert we are accustomed to.


Cocoa nibs are very multipurpose; when used in savory cooking and can be presented at any point in the recipes to lend their different flavour. The menu observes the flavourful cocoa nib as it draws inspiration from glorious fusion with a wide variety of ingredients.

Serbian corrector and my soon to be replaced, it is my opinion less entertaining up to date. Read at your own risk.

I heard a new Roux restaurant open in the Citywalk; and in my quest to be the most innovative critical, updated restaurant in Dubai, I hung Serbs.

We arrived early - several days, it seems. Despite the promises to be open on this day, they certainly were not, and B. Citywalk plan is not a place to be with a Serbian hunger and despite a prolonged weekend to be that we did not know which was necessary, When they can open their doors. I could not risk - not many children around.

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So, I apologize, but this is not a hot press, however, critical cocoa kitchen restaurant has been open for a few months and is also deserved your attention.

Cocoa cuisine (not confused with cocoa space) is to have a punk, luxurious luxury restaurant with brick walls and chandeliers, copper pipes, ropes and false rolls, an open kitchen, tall green ferns and wall has a little space. Overall, it is a beautiful room - decorated banquet with stalls and tables, with accents of brown and chocolate tones.

The restaurant suffers from two entrances and a host - we chose the entry unattended and stepped into the restaurant unbemerkt. What is not as big as it sounds, we had to wait to sit anyway.

Our table was hesitant, but soon with MacGyver / Bear Gryll's skills and pulls (fine) paper towels. Everything, cocoa.

Our waiter gave us a quick cliff concept - all cocoa is, no, that's not sweet, yes, we have other things chocolate, no, I never heard this joke, yeah, they're the most fun I had invited

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Cocoa is a self-proclaimed food restaurant concept, which means that it must be unique experience and a business. A good example of a concept store in Dubai is overlapping Lexus in DIFC, where the menu regularly changes the head of Tomas's things. I do not know how often cocoa cook their menus change, but should be frequent enough if they adhere to the concept.

But since you always have to keep things fresh, new, customized, concept stores are hard to reach. Kitchen cocoa makes it even more difficult to simply build a menu - the cocoa bean - an ingredient whose versatility may be overstated.

However, at first glance, beans voluntary monogamy cocoa does not compromise the range of menu options. Salmon, steak, satay, lamb, chicken - all the staples are, and reads as an example of a theoretical module on advanced culinary college menu.

We ordered the burrata, ravioli, boxwood garden and fries. All with cocoa.

For me, having multiple dishes to create the same ingredients is like a poet must contain the same word in each poem. And the word is orange. There seems to be an unnecessary limitation on creativity.

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The burrata came to the table under a glass dome of smoke, revealing myself as a sexy candidate in a talent show, ready for the judge to play. However, he acted like any other burrata I ate in Dubai.

If burrata listen to a song, it would "dreamed a dream" Les Miserables. Hundreds of competitors eagerly go to any season to try; but if you are the Susan Boyle burratas then go live shows.

Maybe "let it go" Frozen would have been a better choice.

The server-box garden delivered to the table, we saw my reaction and apologized almost to me a spoon was in progress. It is a dish served in a long wooden crate such as weekend family gardens served by his grandfather. Topsoil was ground, cocoa, raw vegetables and inlaid grow. Candied jellies were earthworms and cheese was labneh land. Heston, of course, did something similar in the past at The Fat Duck.

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