Contemporary House Design With Large Swimming Pool Ideas Under Home

Large Swimming Pool Ideas | This beautiful house which is known as Grand Bell House has been created by Andres remy architect. He has turned this house into a contemporary house which has been done a few years ago. With the total size of more than 3700 square foot will make this house perfectly fit for a single family living. This house totally be the attractions with the large of more than 60 foot swimming pool.

Grand Bell House : Large Swimming Pool Ideas

One of the thing that is most viewed in this house is by looking at the pool itself will bring you sense; that this house is different from any other houses. With the huge swimming pool using Grand bell House Ideas you can enjoy more swimming in your house; and you can add some additional tools to be played in the large swimming pool. The location of this house is also in a great location, it is not too far from Buenos Aires gate.

Grand Bell House : 2 Main Parts

The designer also stated that the whole family and kids will get all of the public facilities offered in this house with the location of not more than 400 m2. The designer turned this house to be 2 main parts : the private place and the open house spot. The first floor contains of the open house type that is coming with the living room, kitchen and dining table; that can be used together with your guests. However there is also the bedroom in this floor.

You can have much more information about this building by visiting the site in the bottom of the article. The bedroom is coming from a small size and there is also small bathroom; which can be used for your guests without have to go through the second floor. While the large size of bedroom and the master bedroom is in the second floor which comes along with the master bathroom. The connection from the living room and the rest room is connected through the garden; that looks so green and beautiful based on Grand Bell House Information.

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