Hotel Glace Quebec The Ice Hotel In Canada


Hotel Glace Quebec  Design Made From Snow Ice

Every year Hotel Glace Quebec is open to the public during the winter months, i.e. about the beginning of January.Hotel de Glace Quebec made almost entirely of snow and ice, Hotel Glace Quebec design and shape changes every year. Visitors can sleep in a room of ice that has been artistically designed and decorated, you can enjoy a cocktail at the bar made of ice.

There are several ice hotels in Scandinavia, but the Hotel de Glace Quebec is the only ice hotel in North America. Hotel de Glace Quebec Made of 15,000 tons and 500,000 tons of snow ice. De Glace Hotel Quebec takes approximately 60 workers a month to build each year. Hotel Glace Quebec was built like a sand castle, then left to harden in the cold mountains. All the furniture and decor throughout the hotel is also made of ice.

Hotel Glace Quebec Is A Carved And Made Of Ice And Snow

In the ice Hotel Quebec there are 36 rooms, which are made of ice, but it uses a mattress made of reindeer fur. Guests also recommended to wear three layers of clothing, room temperature between 23 to 27 degrees Fahrenheit. Hotel de glace Quebec Guests can use the spa and sauna to warm up before bed. The rooms and public areas at the Hotel Glace at Quebec city is very beautiful with carvings and sculptures. Ice hotel bar serves cocktails in glasses made from their own unique es. Hotel you should try, maybe staying overnight or nights. During the winter of 2017 you have a good chance to visit Hotel Glace Quebec!

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You can check Ice Hotel Quebec rates for more rooms information details.

Ice hotel Quebec Bathroom

Ice Hotel Glace Quebec Pictures

Pals ,below on of the best ice hotel in Canada . Some day ago There is ice hotel design too in Canada. Actually This is not much different, besides the bedroom this hotel have a hall wedding for party along with restaurant and all interior made from ice. If you enter the hotel bedroom you will find dramatic lighting with pink and blue color inside building. And inside the hotel building we can find sculpture the decoration with large size. Check these awesome picture below.

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