Green Interior Design Concept


Green interior design concept is a new trend. The design is not solely about the green color. In this context, the word “green” represents nature and its sustainability. In other words, the fundamental idea of green design is bringing all the comforts, aesthetics, and maternity to a home. Meanwhile, at the same time, it is also sustaining and preserving the nature. Furthermore, applying this design to your home is also akin to keeping your own and all family members’ health. Here are some basic features defining the spirit of green design.

Green Interior Design Essential

Apart from keeping the environment green, green interior design also promotes maximizing the use of space efficiently. By making use of the space in the best way, the house owners will automatically reduce the use of unnecessarily high energy-consuming electronics such as refrigerator or AC to a minimum level.

The other main focus on choosing green interior design is the materials of the furniture for the house. Implementing the key concept of sustainability such as reuse, reduce, and recycle is the main purpose expected to give the real impact. Bamboo and wood can be the preferably renewable materials for the flooring, doors, or windows. Using these materials can create a lot more fresh and natural green eco friendly interior design that perfectly suits certain home themes such as vintage and rustic.

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Green Interior Design Concept eco friendly interior design Green Interior

Green Interior Design Concept

Bamboo, however, is more recommended than wood. Woods takes centuries to regrow in a forest while bamboo takes a shorter time than that. Bamboo is very hard and stable as hardwood. This flooring material is not easily dent. Besides windows and flooring, bamboo is very good for counter-tops, cabinets, butcher blocks material. Tiles, carpets, counters, and sinks can plausibly be made out of reused and recycled materials too.

Lighting should always be planned to be environmentally responsible in green interior design idea. Incorporating windows and skylight to use maximal daylight and reduce the use of energy-consuming lights. When using artificial additional lights, LEDs, halogens, and compact fluorescent light bulbs are highly suggested due to their energy-saving capabilities and longer longevity. LEDs are used more in the houses with green design because it consumes 80 percent less energy than any other lighting. At first, choosing LEDs to light the house might be costly, but eventually it will be saving money.

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Green Interior Design Materials

Paints are inseparable components from green building concept. There are a lot of toxic paints used to cover the wall in most houses, but little do we know that toxic paints contains volatile organic compounds/ VOCs that can do harm to human and environment. Nowadays, non-VOCs paints are largely produced, easily found, and sold for a very various yet still affordable price compared to the regular ones. Moreover, the waste of non-VOCs paints is not considered perilous, so it won’t hazardously pollute the neighborhood.

Interior design should be picked carefully because people spend most of their times doing activities indoor. Green interior design concept is a solution not only for creating functional spaces, but also enhancing human experiences, and improving daily interactions with environment.

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