Whitepod Eco Friendly Resorts Design


Eco Friendly Resorts In The Swiss

It is building an Eco Friendly Resorts named Whitepod eco resort and is located in the village of Les Cerniers in the Swiss Alps. In this place you can rent a resorts with private ski, mountain resort hotels. The guests toured the ski resort, snowboards, snowshoes or dog train in winter and relax in luxury dome Whitepod and efficient. This whitepod eco resorts has won a world level for the category of Sustainable Tourism World in 2005.

Eco friendly resorts is situated at an altitude of 1,700 meters (5577 feet) in the Swiss Alps and travel 7 miles from the ski slopes. Guests can explore the mountain through a variety of winter adventures, such as skiing or snowboarding , cross country skiing and many other winter sports. Eco friendly resorts is also open in summer; when in summer you can enjoy hiking along with mountain biking as well as rock climbing or hiking and more.

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Eco Friendly Resorts Is Free Of Urban Pollution And Enjoy Close To Nature

Guests can stay at the eco resorts or they can hire one of the 15 white dome with luxurious bed and full bathroom service. Located far from urban centers; Eco friendly resorts is free of urban pollution and enjoy close to nature. Eco friendly resorts is trying to make or create a closeness between man and nature. In addition, eco resorts provides benefits to the environment by minimizing water use and electricity; reduce waste production by renewable energy; to educate and raise awareness of the environment you can try these eco friendly resorts.

White pod Eco resort in mountainside picture

Pals ,Below design picture of white pod resort located in Swiss. All room hotel built separated with other, so on building for one person .Building hotel look unique with circular shape design . If you want visit this resort in winter vacation dont forget to bring a thick clothes . In the night we can see beautiful lighting of hotel building from inside;This eco resort built like tent and the window using a transparent plastic.

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