Chinese Interior Design : a look quiet for a dynamic lifestyle


Today, it is a fast pace. This is why many owners want to build their houses around the concept of peace and serenity. Chinese interior design is such an institution. It can help to create a Pacific environment allows an escape from the rush to the apparently endless.

All Asians achieve this look, but it's the Chinese design, which is more known. Chinese have a sort of ushering in balance and harmony in your life, not surprisingly, they have it included in their homes. You need, without precision, accuracy and clarity to unwanted accessories.


The core of Chinese design


The basics of the Chinese style is all about fusion correct Oriental decor and themes. This style is dominated by an Eastern influence, which goes back centuries. With a little creativity, you can integrate these ancient, attractive elements in your home, while retaining the modern atmosphere.
The ideal setting for Chinese interior design concept is a color, character. The ornaments are not a replica of picturesque landscapes and the most beautiful natural colors more often.


All it takes sometimes is a touch of bright colors. The most popular misunderstanding of the Chinese style, which is red, gold and other such vivid colors always comes in colors. But there is much more to this design and bright colors.


For those who want to set up more peaceful, neutral, then you can beautiful shades of pink as cherry blossoms. Rich purple color can also as gorgeous red tones are.


To get a mystical appearance, you can use the subtle shades of black. To create a decor fascinating, use a neutral color, then mix with the tones gold. Maybe it's the wall to a majestic room (preferably the living room) are. The good news is that gold is a timeless color, but you can also use a fashion statement.


Trying to reach the Chinese way, make sure that you do not forget to balance. It is something that you encounter again and again how balance is characteristic of all of Asia. Harmony, not only in the choice of colours, but also in the application of different textures to achieve.

Chinese interior design elements

The possession of a unit in a large block of concrete means, you need to add a few glass walls, parquet, natural stone decoration, bamboo blinds and some more organic functions, rich textures have.

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To balance their Chinese-style house to create inspired, be sure to install a few characteristics of the water. The known water noise, can create harmony, as the practice of Feng Shui.

The smaller water features make a big difference in your home. Create a small fountain, top of table, for example, in your living room. The lobby - that you are observing many Chinese real estate - should have a water game or two. Games water brings an element of fluidity, they easily are the focal point in any room.

Talk of Feng Shui, it is also important to declutter your home. This is to ensure that essential in harmony and positive energy inside the House. You will also need to hire someone to place the furniture properly. Free passage is to respect throughout the House, as you also join the rest of separate and work areas.

Mirrors are an important role in Feng Shui. These are supposed to reflect the positive energy, because they prevent the movement of the negative energy around your home. But what is a traditional Chinese interior design philosophy without any paper Lantern? Close your design project with the correct lighting.
It is light, that one aspect of the decoration, which visually can make a big difference. Lanterns can accentuate the theme, or they can be the most important features of the room.

Chinese decoration Essentials

Globalization has helped that we are open for new and unique concepts in decoration and design of our homes in the 21st century. Chinese interior design concept is one of the themes that we have learned to admire.

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If we look at the Oriental houses, admire for his lush and exotic beauty. The Setup program seems easy to rebuild, at first glance, but in reality, very few people have a thorough knowledge of the bases of the Chinese interior design.

Thousands of years, Chinese interior design history is based on the principles of nature, simplicity and power. You strive, the environment is to achieve peace and tranquillity and since then to reflect Chinese culture rich in tradition, the Chinese interior design ideas should be the values of the population living under the roof.

Basics of Chinese Interior Design

One of the most basic principles must be respected in the Chinese interior design books is simplicity. To do this, a space must not be filled with all kinds of common decoration. The correct positioning of some valuable objects and beautiful in a piece is important for optimal effect.

Using only a few correspondents, stay the room bright, spacious and easy, but still representative for the taste of the owner.

Another element is commonly used in Chinese interior design elements, the use of screens. These elements are decorative and functional - they not only a room to revive, but also serve to keep his privacy.

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Many years ago created these images with lightweight materials, the use of lattice serve as a grid for paper or clean cloth. Today, screens can be made of different materials like bamboo or expensive wood adorned of delicate ivory inlay.

Adapt to a dressing screen to do eventually folding plates, in different areas of the House. This is a very cost-effective means added your simple but elegant design Interior Chinese a touch of Asia. The great thing about screens is that according to the design, interior design can also be used for other topics.

The use of Chinese interior design details

Get a look from any Chinese interior design, or choose a different design on the theme with just a pinch of Chinese influences. One way is to some valuable pieces and perhaps to achieve this use as accents in a little furnished room.
You can continue to use the display depending on its function in a specific area easily moved can be. It is also a great idea to use, a few pieces of Chinese style graphic design could serve as entertainment or to add color to an otherwise staid room. Ceramic Chinese or colorful paintings can add an exotic look, and could so richly colorful pillows or carpet.
Be very demanding for Chinese interior design, if can decorate a room. However, it can also be very satisfying when you finally to see that all the elements that come harmoniously together in a room, you can call your own.
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