Botanica Garden Design Inspiration


Botanica garden design is a type of a garden intended to collect various kinds of plants; and they are distinguished from the botanica name tags that are specially labeled on them. It is usually intended for people to see some kind of specific plants; that are already grouped according to their families. Cacti, rare plants, or exotic plants from other sides of the world are the most common ones to be found in botanical concept of garden.

There are also a lot of types that can be derived from botanica garden design. It can be a greenhouse, or shadehouse, or basically a reservation made specifically for a specific kind of plants. By organizing them, the visitors can get educational insights as well as enjoying the nature that is bottled for them in a way that is not harming the environment—this garden even contributes by preserving the plants. This is why this type of garden is popular to be the destination of tourism, school trips, the venue for performing arts and galleries.

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Garden Design

Garden Design

The Best Botanica Garden Idea

There are a lot of botanica concepts out there, maybe far too many that it would be quite a hassle to choose one. In this article, the best botanica garden concept will be curated for you. Inspired by a botanica garden in Brisbane, Australia; this article will start by prescribing the glass material for the flat roof or the dome (you can pick either). The glass roof will give your plants a lot of sunshine that is crucial for the photosynthesis process.

It also looks the prettiest compared to when you only made it out of the other materials. Ideally the distance between the ceiling and the ground should be great in number; so if your plants happen to be the gigantic ones, they will not grow bent. After that, you can either add pillars from aluminum or woods, but also remember to keep the walls made from glasses. This also helps to display the garden, so that the beauty can be seen from afar.

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Botanica Garden Design Inspiration

Botanica Garden Design

Next, get some rack or pots made out of woods or plastic, and paint them all white. You will need to line them up to make a kind of pathway that faces the front door; so that the botanical garden can be friendly for walking and touring. You will have to ask yourself what kind of plants do you want to preserve; go on if you like cacti that is quite low-maintenance; but it is recommended to fill the garden with blooming flowers like azalea, rose, or daisy. Flowers that are blooming will add the attractiveness of your botanica garden design.

Lastly, you can add some properties to make it more alive. First, you can add second story and spiral stairs if you want a more sophisticated and huge garden. The second add drawers to store the fertilizers and gardening tools. or you can add pretty wooden bench with simplistic design to let your visitors rest for a while. Then, after all is settled, your botanica garden is ready to be visited, and you can pay extra attention to the treatment to your plants there since you are done with the building idea.

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