The Very Beautiful Kitchen With Functional Design


How to build a beautiful kitchen

A beautiful kitchen is a good quality, because that's where all kinds of dishes treatment before arriving at the dining table. Thus, it is reasonable if we gave more attention in this experimental field. Red and white kitchen. The combination of colors to create beautiful area kitchen contrasting landmarks. Relying on the window as source for the light winds and large natural, ventilation and lighting would be more influential. You talk about the design of cooking classes, everyone has a good level where. But it seems rather agree, if everyone is healthy and functional kitchen is more important than an attractive design. So how to build beautiful kitchen?

Try to see some design beautiful kitchen of this time, I hope you're inspired.

Nice kitchen, dining room

Nice kitchen must not necessarily be built in the area in the limited area, we have a good condition and comfortable kitchen to create. As the show at the end of the house built this time with the rest of the room with a kitchen in u. Although the extent of the restricted area, but the feeling of space, light and comfortable it is considered a big part of it is underlined. To build, to the less of you, a supermarket, a nice kitchen, pantry in the middle of the Islands are softer and more functional presence.

Wash the area next to the storage area and a kitchenette; The Court can be placed directly on the opposite bank the pantry Cabinet. To achieve this, that he was, U - shaped or kitchen, and then place them in the middle of the kitchen island, cutting or even directly in the Bank and the Fund could be used for the storage of food and side dishes are ready to eat. If you need more ideas, you can also place stove in the middle of the freestanding gas chamber.

Also don't forget the storage in your beautiful kitchen area; relying on your kitchen cabinets, all kinds of kitchen appliances needs organize spices up the kitchen. Design adapted to live like a door or not all of them according to your judgment. The two pieces of transparent window instead of on top of the kitchen; so, everything is clearly visible. To avoid the appearance of a kitchen cluttered, to avoid the high placement of the kitchen cabinets are filled to the ceiling.

Forget the wall space between upper and lower cabinets pantry, which looks more and more soft. Mosaic wall coating of the plates on the back burner can also an idea. Box model or the line is mosaic with Cabinet finishing pattern laminates wood grain United feeling. If you want to coat the entire surface with a mosaic Panel, you combine the impression of light and airy kitchen with a mirror. More gentle with the implementation of a set of kitchen bar with stools in the area surrounding the flexible part of the drawer.

How to work your beautiful kitchen?

Glass interaction wide opening when residents who supports the creation of relaxation in the garden with the activity in the kitchen. It is also to facilitate the ongoing work in the kitchen. The position of the activity of the kitchen has the bar for breakfast or dinner casual. Regardless of whether a kitchen in the House no views how luxurious and captivating is measured. It has some elements that are much more important easy to see for the title in the kitchen.

The kitchen is good work in order to facilitate and to adapt the activities of its users, it may be. On the kitchen limited, but would have been cooking island? The placement of the smallness of the wooden table that correspond to the views of the kitchen cabinet, could apply to an ideaTable is sufficient for this exercise 2-4 people, but can removal area is also suitable for the food industry.

Cabinet capacity

The number and type of kitchen furniture, Cabinet is mounted on the shelf under the desk. Place the furniture according to the frequency of use of the equipment most underutilized until the most commonly used. Keep an appropriate size and sort items M (average) in the Middle drawer and L (large) in the drawer at the bottom in (small) S in the top drawer.

Installation of wastewater

As part of the installation of drainage water and kitchen sink. For drains, use kitchen unique size 3-4 inches of water smooth. Choose a sink with a good filter so waste are ensured by the food not in water.

Light Setup

Lighting with lighting under cabinets, to optimize on the island and over the sink. To improve the appearance, add lights at the top or at the bottom of the kitchen in a closet so that the light from all sides.


Don't forget, chose the equipment until they are used and vary the power house. Full function such as microwave or coffee machine, because the tool more 900 Watt - 1100 Watts required. If you consider before making the purchase, especially if the capacity of your power at home only 1300 Watts.

Air circulation

Make sure that air flow the principle of cross-ventilation; runs smoothly, even better, if the kitchen was open two windows, so the airflow smoothly, even if the wind direction changes. Arrange the oven near the window. because the flame of your stove that will be stable by the wind. In addition, fumes from the cooking activities can be brought into the room.

See the own pantry

Modern pantry looking for beautiful kitchen and Cabinet as a coverslip own by the choice of materials; the combination with the solid surface at the table; Interestingly, the pantry is home not just a place to Cook, but as a creative family and parents. By the way, the owner of the House with the family and parents, to cook and to eatThis happens often on the weekend. Size of pantry 33 m, the dining room and the stairs has been merged into the middle of the House. Large windows without frames (frameless) openings and natural lighting, pantry is equipped with permanently in the pantry. Width of the window openings are outside to observe the situation.
Pantry series design letter L are inclined in the corner of the room. fitted table Island deliberately is not located in the middle of the pantry; Pantry looks compact and offers space for storage, such as closets. Materials built wardrobe and drawer in melamine faced chipboard panels. Because, until the doors of the furniture glass coating; which were the basis of a book white to create the appearance of blue color; To facilitate the use of / as actually accept the goods, at the top of the Cabinet hinge top flap. The edges (edges) of the hidden drawer handle intentionally made to open or close. then the nice kitchen and Cabinet clean.



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