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Architectural design home plans will make your job in building the house becomes easier. Some people would like to decide the theme or the style of the house so they know what to do, what to pick, and many more. Sometimes it is really overwhelming when you have a lot of options. This is why deciding the style or the theme will save your time and narrowing your options for good reason.

In this article, we have information about the famous architecture style homes that is used until nowadays. We also add the key elements of the styles so if you need reference to build your house then you can find out through the article.

Log home plans

In the 1600s log homes were considered as the small cabins. People in that century built the house or precisely one small room by using no nails. But as the time flies, log houses become so luxury and authentic. They can be luxurious too as you can see in nowadays. Log houses are good in any place especially the floor; even though most of them are built in rural setting. But eventually the climates determine the type of wood used for building the house.

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Log home plansLog home plans Log home plans

Cape Cod home plans

Cape Cod was basically inspired from the thatched cottage of Britain. It has steeper roof and bigger chimney since the winter in Northeastern is pretty cold. The other typical shapes of this cape cod house plans are such as the dormer window, cedar shingles, and front door that has flank. This is one of the legendary architectural design home plans that were built before WWII. It was pretty modesty in that era.

Cape Cod home plansCape Cod home plans Cape Cod home plans

Art Deco home plans

Art Deco is one of the famous home styles that are lasted until today. The main influences are so many such as the 30’s Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, and also the Miami Beach that gives the touch of topical pastels. Most of Art Deco buildings show the flat roofs, bold exterior decoration, and rounded corner for the wall with smooth stucco style. Even though this style is so stand-out, people would use it for commercial buildings rather than private residence.

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Art Deco home plansArt Deco home plans Art Deco home plans

Contemporary home plans

Some people consider the contemporary and modern styles are the same. But actually they are just a little similar. Contemporary style is used in building in today but they are not always representing the modern style only. The appearance and design might be varied but the contemporary style puts the main concern on the energy efficiency rather than just minimal stream lines. Contemporary home style also prefers the sustainable materials, non-toxic materials, and lots of natural features lighting as possible.

Contemporary home plansContemporary home plans Contemporary home plans

Greek revival home plans

As the name suggests, the house plan is inspired by the architecture and democracy of Greek. The key elements are such as the tall pediments and columns plaster exterior that is painted, transoms in horizontal, symmetrical shape, moldings with bold designs, and also the embellishments. The houses are big too. House with this style is commonly found in the real estate. So, choose your best architectural design home plans.

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Greek revival home plans Greek revival home plans Greek revival home plans

architecture design for home house plan drawing free house plans Architectural design home plansArchitectural design home plans Architectural design home plans

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